Lateral Approach Hip Replacement

Lateral Approach Hip Replacement

The lateral approach to hip replacement surgery is similar to the anterior approach be­cause the patient can be positioned on their back. However, the lateral approach requires cutting through large muscles.

In the lateral approach to hip replacement surgery, the hip abductors are elevated to provide access to the joint. The hip joint is then dislocated and the acetabular socket and femur are exposed for preparation and insertion of the prosthesis implants.

The two large muscles above and below the hip joint on the out­side must be cut in order for the surgeon to reach the hip capsule, which greatly increases the exposure of the hip joint.

The risk of the lateral approach is a persistent limp resultant of major muscles being cut and restored. Dr. Oscar Mendoza and his elite surgical team offer the highly advanced anterolateral approach to eliminate these risks and get you back on your feet without cutting through major muscles.

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