Anterolateral Approach to Hip Replacement Surgery Mexico

Anterolateral Approach to Hip Replacement

Traditional hip replacement surgery is performed using either the commonly effective lateral or posterior approach; however these methods require surgeons to detach muscle and ultimately increases the risks of hip replacement surgery.

Hip replacement surgery in Mexico is gaining world-wide attention for the mastering artistic ability of orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Oscar Mendoza. The highly advanced anterlateral approach takes rigorous and all-embracing training and is not widely accessible to patients in the US and Canada.

Patients traveling to Mexico for hip replacement surgery find themselves on a speedy recovery course than with traditional surgical methods offered by other orthopedic institutions.

Highly Advanced Anterolateral Approach

The anterolateral approach is a minimally invasive hip replacement procedure performed through a single small incision on the front of the hip, permitting retraction between the muscles and most significantly leaving the muscles and tendons intact. Dr. Oscar Mendoza then replaces the hip joint after removing and resurfacing the diseased areas of the joint.

Patients are generally walking easily within hours after surgery and released from the hospital shortly after surgery.

Patients who choose to have hip replacement surgery under the direct care of Dr. Oscar Mendoza do not have the same movement restrictions as those who undergo traditional approaches to hip surgery.  Anterolateral approach results in less pain, quicker recovery and faster return to an active lifestyle.

Using this minimally invasive technique and minimizing soft tissue injury, anterolateral hip replacement in Mexico streamlines the process for hip replacement patients.

Benefits of Anterolateral Approach

The prospective advantages for anterolateral approach include:

  • Stress-free postoperative precautions to follow
  • No restrictions on the type or shape of implant
  • Easily recognizable torn tendons for repair
  • Reduced risk of complications—dislocation and nerve damage

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