Risks of Hip Replacement Surgery

Risks of Hip Replacement Surgery

Before deciding on hip replacement surgery in Mexico, you should meticulously examineand discuss all risks and complications with Dr. Oscar Mendoza before surgery. All surgeries have risks, which are either related to the surgical procedure or to the subtle stability of the body which is rehabilitated during the surgical procedure.

Potential complications of any surgery include: the risks of anesthesia, bleeding, infection, blood clots, and death.

Other risks of hip replacement surgery include:

Change in the length of the leg—an increase in the length of the leg on the side of the hip replacement can occur after the surgery. Usually the increase is small and does not require to be treated.

Nerve injury— the hip replacement surgery can produce an injury to the main nerve of the leg called the sciatic nerve, but is rare.

Fracture of the thigh bone—a fracture of the thigh bone is a rare risk during the operation.

Limp—it is possible that some patients to incur a permanent limp after the surgery which will improve with time but may not disappear completely. This is due to persistent weakness in the muscle on the outer aspect of the hip joint.

Persistent pain—a small number of patients continue to experience pain after the surgery despite the surgery and recovery having been without any obvious complication. In many such patients, further testing reveals no problem and the pain may remain unresolved in the long term.

Reducing the Risks with Hip Replacement

New technology and advances in surgical techniques, including the anterolateral approach offered by premier surgeon, Dr. Oscar Mendoza, have greatly reduced the risks involved with hip replacements. The most common issue that may a patient may suffer from replacement surgery is hip dislocation. Because the artificial ball and socket are smaller than the normal ones, the ball can become dislodged from the socket if the hip is placed in certain positions.

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