Am I a Good Candidate for Hip Replacement Surgery in Mexico?

Am I a Good Candidate for Hip Replacement Surgery

Total hip replacement may be appropriate for individual who suffer from severe hip pain, resultant of arthritis or other hip disorders. Typically, the hip replacement procedure is recommended to patients after other options such as medications or therapy are no longer effective in controlling pain and improving mobility.

Good candidates for hip replacement surgery Mexico should be in good health and not overweight. While in past years, hip replacement surgery was being performed on those aged 50 or 60, advances in orthopedics have made hip replacement surgery Mexico a viable option for younger patients as well. A more important influence than age in determining the success of hip replacement is the inclusive health and activity level of the patient.

Joint Reason for Hip Replacement Surgery

The most collective motivation behind patients seeking hip replacement surgery in Mexico is the wearing down of the hip joint that results from osteoarthritis. Patients are also seeking hip replacement surgery due to rheumatoid arthritis, avascular necrosis and injury.

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