Advantages of Hip Replacement Surgery in Mexico

Advantages of Hip Replacement Surgery

Hip replacement surgery in Mexico is one of the most reliable surgical opportunities in orthopedic surgery as it consistently eradicates pain and improves mobility.

Individuals that suffer from arthritis of the hip joint typically experience unremitting pain. The artificial components that replace the damaged areas of the hip can progress the actions of the hip joint and return patients to activity and leisure interests and perhaps the greatest benefit—relief of pain.

With a highly advanced approach—anterolateral approach— utilized by Dr. Oscar Mendoza, the range of movement following surgery is greater, magnified by a dramatic reduction in dislocation rates and the recovery time is quicker.

Hip replacement surgery in Mexico not only improves the mobility of the hip, but also the independence of each patient. Patients are able to enjoy life, resume exercising, climb stairs and feel confident in their reinforced and balanced leg.  It is a true sense of pride and renewed well-being for every patient traveling to Mexico for hip surgery.

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